Screw and belt conveyors

Screw and belt conveyors

Description and operation

The raw material is fed through the loading hopper into the space of a rotating screw conveyor. The rotating shaft transports the material along the conveyor gutter to the discharging outlet.
The construction of the screw conveyor in a standard version is made entirely of steel grade 1.4301 (AISI 304), except for the screw blade, bearings and the inside lining of the gutter. On request, the screw blade can be made of acid resistant steel or other materials.
The conveyor is fitted with safety covers to prevent accidents during its operation.

Typical characteristics (SC-MT type)

conveyor length – 0.5 to 12 m (extension to 20 m possible to linking two sections)
tilt angle – 0° to 30°
screw diameter – 80 to 500 mm
capacity – up to 11 m3/h
screw rotation rate – adjustable up to 30 rpm
electric drive power – up to 11 kW
weight – depending on the length and screw diameter

Belt conveyors

Description and operation (CB-MT type)

The CB-MT type conveyor consists of the following main components:

  • frame made of stainless steel grade 1.4301,

  • drive unit, including a drive drum, self-adjusting bearings and a gear-motor; the drive unit power is individually determined depending on the conveyor length and width, tilt angle and other specific requirements,

  • conveyor belt made, depending on the intended use, of rubber or other material, e.g. plastic,

  • tightening drum and drive components, made of stainless steel.

The rollers are made of 60.3 mm or 88.9 mm diameter tube, with bearings at both ends. The bearings are sealed on both sides. The carrying rollers are usually mounted approximately every 0.5 m, and the flat return rollers are mounted ca. 1 m apart. If a conveyor is to be fitted with a weight measuring system, one of the roller sets is mounted on a rocker arm with suitable strain gauges attached to it.

The belt conveyor is fitted with safety covers to prevent accidents during operation.




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