Innovative and patented, cost-efficient mechanical water treatment solutions

Expertise and experience

The PROFILTER company was established in 1992. Its founder and owner, Zygmunt Czekała, is also the main designer and the originator of the innovative and patented solutions offered by the company.

PROFILTER has extensive experience in the field of mechanical water treatment at surface water intakes, and our solutions have been successfully implemented in the largest Polish power plants, refineries, and chemical and paper plants. PROFILTER has also provided many successful water treatment installations for the communal industry, where it has become known as a reliable supplier, especially for specific, non-standard applications. We realize projects on both the domestic and international markets.

At each stage of a project we are ready to work jointly with our customers, taking into account their suggestions and offering our expertise and experience in solving technical problems related to their particular facility.

We carry out continuous development work to make our machines modern, cost effective and reliable in operation. Our efforts in this area have been recognized at prestigious fairs and exhibitions including, among others, at the POLEKO 2003 fair, where a travelling band screen of PROFILTER’s design won the Gold Medal at the Poznan International Fair for high quality, modern design and technology, and our mechanical bar screen was awarded the Grand Prix at the WOD-KAN fair in Bydgoszcz in May 2013.

Currently PROFILTER is realizing the projects which include i.a. the complete installation of the sewage treatment process line at the facilities of the Municipal Water and Sewerage Company in Warsaw and also delivery of the PROFILTER’s devices to the newly built power units in Puławy and Dolna Odra.

PROFILTER has realized deliveries of its devices for the newly built power units in the Opole power plant (2 x 900 MW) and Kozienice power plant (1 x 1075 MW), delivery and assembly of 6 travelling band screens for the Kozloduy nuclear power plant (Bulgaria) and also developed a concept and further carried out on its basis the modernization of the protection system of the fire water intake and pumps for the LNG terminal.

See the map of realizations

List of realizations [.pdf]

Proven solutions

We are a company that, since 1992, has been a manufacturer and supplier of modern travelling band screens based on its own patented invention. Over this period, our company has installed a variety of water treatment machines in various plants in Poland and abroad, including travelling band screens of a capacity reaching 60,000 m3/h (16.7 m3/s) and width up to 4.5 m. The immersion depth of our screens is practically unlimited.

In our offer, bar screens based on our own patents are also available. We have installed this kind of equipment in combined heat and power plants, conventional power plants, hydroelectric power plants, sewage treatment plants and drinking water intake installations.

Our portfolio covers the devices which may form the complete mechanical water and sewage treatment process line, i.e.

  • repair gates,
  • bar screens,
  • bar screen cleaning grabs,
  • mechanical bar screens,
  • macerators,
  • screenings wash presses,
  • screw conveyors,
  • travelling band screens,
  • combined bar and travelling band screens,
  • rotary screens and
  • various types of corrosion-resistant filtrating meshes (acid resistant steel, duplex steel, titanium).

The devices we supply are characterized by:

  • high cleaning efficiency and superior reliability, long mean time between failures (MTBF) and low life costs – all thanks to innovative solutions and smart, largely simplified design and effective self-cleaning,
  • very low noise level,
  • easy installation in either new or old, revitalized facilities,
  • high resistance to chemically aggressive environments (e. g. seawater),
  • in the case of travelling band screens, excellent tightness and total corrosion resistance in water environment,
  • in the case of bar screens, convenient installation without the troublesome necessity of dewatering the channels.

Map of realizations [.pdf]


PROFILTER’s offer includes a comprehensive supply of water treatment equipment, including installation and commissioning. A typical, recommended range of our service includes the following steps:

  • reconnaissance to determine the current state of the facility, collection of data for the project and identification of possible scope of accompanying work,
  • design of the equipment according to the individual requirements of the customer,
  • production phase,
  • delivery of the equipment together with technical documentation,
  • equipment assembly and set up,
  • measurements and commissioning tests,
  • training of the operating personnel,
  • warranty and post-warranty service.

At each stage of a project we will readily work jointly with our customers, considering their suggestions and offering our expertise and experience in solving technical problems related to their particular facility.


PROFILTER has received several awards and distinctions for its innovative solutions:

    • Gold Medal of the Poznan International Fair for a travelling band screen at POLEKO 2003 for high quality, modern design and technological solutions,
    • Grand Prix at the WOD-KAN fair in 2013 for a bar screen in Bydgoszcz,
    • distinction in the high-tech category for Zygmunt Czekała, founder of the company and its chief designer, in the “Technical Review” readers’ poll for the title of Golden Engineer in 2008.

Quality management system

PROFILTER has implemented and maintains the Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2015.

Our aim is to be a manufacturer and supplier of modern devices which are functional, reliable and cost-effective in operation. Thus we carry out continuous development works in order to meet the expectations of our customers and to make the best use of our expertise acquired during the long-term experience in operating of devices we already delivered.

As we pay particular attention to the quality of organizational aspects of our company, we have set ourselves the following goals:

  • identifying current needs and expectations of our customers,
  • building partnerships with our customers and suppliers based on cooperation,
  • providing adequate resources for the proper functioning of our organization,
  • ensuring adequate competences and possibilities to enhance skills of our personnel,
  • creating awareness among people working under the supervision of our organization about the role they play in ensuring compliance of delivered products and services with applicable requirements,
  • monitoring, measuring, analyzing and assessing the efficiency of actions undertaken by the organization.

In order to achieve the goals listed above, we commit to:

  • improve the efficiency of organizational processes,
  • meet the applicable requirements,
  • keep improving the efficiency of the Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2015.

Adopted quality policy provides the framework for setting the quality objectives and carrying out the organizational actions in the Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2015.

Download ISO Certificate [.pdf]

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